Show of love for children is necessary and important to encourage children and instill self-confidence, therefore, give you expert tips from the book 2002 to show how your love for your child
  Be your child's greatest (encouraging, impressed, coach, teacher, champion).
-- Indispensable (squeeze) for your child's songs (songs) stems from a sense of sincere heart.
-- Your child is enjoying a scientific yes God, and thanked his knowledge.
-- Encourages your child and up to send money or gifts to needy families without codifying name it, this would encourage them to do good and help others, and training to be done sincerely to God.
-- Scientific your child not to judge people or objects since the first time, this would inform him of scrutiny and lack of urgency in the choice or judgement and that he Tan.
-- Make sweets chilled and address together.
-- Grant the child a second chance always.
-- And sacrificed for your child may learn it, this would be encouraged to learn from you as well, and be obsessed with learning.
-- Your child should have respected scientific larger than older people (not us who have not realized big and small have mercy).
-- PLAY with your child without cost.
-- Read and tell him stories for instilling values and principles therein.
-- Of promises always with him, that would be ratified knows talk and meet the promises.
-- If you're angry your child is severely talk or deal with him before he calmed down and controlled by the guerrillas.
-- Buy some delightful gifts for your child during holidays
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