In Japan, where the number of elderly is increasing, there is a trend to look for ways to keep these elderly mental activity. Electronic games designers have responded to this challenge designing electronic products aimed at maintaining mental activity for the elderly.

He says scientists who have developed these games it would help to delay the start of "senility" in the elderly.

Having sold millions of these games in Japan and would be delivered in European markets this month.

Played in the autumn years

In one classroom teacher based in Tokyo to clarify how to use the game Nintiendo, no one in the front row under the age of forty, most of whom are much older.

The teacher to show students how to use the game that examines the athletic abilities of her employer.

Teacher encourages his students for a few minutes and then gradually start playing and they smile.

This game is mental exercise also used a special program to hone the brain and exercise movement of the fingers.

He says this teacher who entered the field at a later age to learn the game is not difficult, and confirms that the game is able to exercise the brain and fingers.

This particular game developed by scientists claim that could delay the start of the phase of "senility" in the elderly.

In this game specifically asked the player to conduct computational speeds, but there are many models from the game in the Japanese market.

After the game of mathematics to give students with enthusiasm for the game of golf is based on coordination between the movement of hands and eyes.

Prevention of dementia

It is believed Dr Takao Suzuki expert care of the elderly that Japan's elderly is very busy.

Whatever the chances of success of this program in his weak, it wants to exclude? Suzuki put the question to say that scientific reports that support the validity of the allegations designers Games are limited, but the community in Japan and Britain dominated by the elderly, and thus the interest is understandable.

The idea of this double game, elderly access to entertainment while maintain mental activity.

The scientists do not reservations to such games although no proof of its effectiveness with the aim is the prevention of dementia, because they say they do not cause any damage, but the elderly learn new skills and remain active on the joints
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