Games Dutch designer says making a film based on a video game in which you make that movie at home is only a means of fun while the United States says that Islamist extremists used a tool to recruit supporters.

Appearing in the movie, a length of 11 minutes a man wearing Arab and sensible people carrying automatic weapons while fighting the American invaders and was presented to a commission of the U.S. Congress this month as evidence of a campaign by extremists to recruit young Muslims through the Internet.

He said Samir It is designed games Dutch 25-year-old said in an interview, "It was simply a means for fun and not a political act and has nothing to do with recruiting or training."

Samir asked not to disclose the full name is a Muslim born and grew up in the Netherlands and loves movies and rap music of America.

The short one of his video games are popular and called "Patelfeld 2" and usually shows where American soldiers are fighting forces of Chinese or Middle Eastern.

And Samir borrowed part of the audio recording of the film cynically called "Working America .. police the world." Containing the words "Once he came infidels spent on them has declared jihad against them on this day."

He also added a part of a recorded statement of American President George Bush made a few days after the attacks of September 11, 2001, describing the war on terrorism as a "crusade". The many Muslims resented strongly from that description and considered it a call for a war on Islam.

Having informed the members of the congressional committee when he introduced the film to them on the fourth of May that the sites for extremists on the Internet designed to attract young people to take up arms against the United States aired.

He said Eric Michael of the company, Science Applications International paid by the Ministry of Defence seven million U.S. dollars till 1500 site monitors for extremists on the Internet "You can see how games are designed to affect you psychologically would pay to go and kill coalition soldiers."

It will Samir, a young distinguished work in the hospital this summer has been right in his December forum on the Internet for the amateur game "Patelfeld 2," asking his opinion of participants in productivity and said he was shocked when he learned that he presented to the Committee of Congress.

He said "the bodies to do more research before it concludes on the results. Film is not as images in the show."

Samir now reluctant to take a trip planned long ago to New York for fear of being subjected to interrogation, where it was feared that American intelligence agencies began monitored.

He pointed out that the American army used a game of video games called "America's Army" to recruit volunteers in its ranks.

He explained Professor Robert Thompson Syracuse University popular culture that information materials produced in the United States including the video games is in itself a rich source material that could be used to broadcast messages in favour of the United States or against them.

He said: "There are many articles that can be used and interpreted
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