The Microsoft Corporation to develop a copy of the operating system and Windows XP for compatibility with other portable computers with limited specifications produced by the "Computer Laptop per Child" non-profitability.
She pointed out that the Microsoft Foundation portable computer for every child already received the amended version of Windows XP even begin to use computers and put acting accordingly in by September next.
The Microsoft Company has started since the period in the work efficiency of tests to measure the ability of those computers are limited possibilities to operate Windows XP.
The Microsoft announced late October last year to make progress in the process of amending the Windows operating system so that it could work on portable computers designed cheap price for poor children in the world.
The company decided to extend the sale of Microsoft operating system, Windows XP own after its resolution to stop selling and reluctance of buyers to replace the system and the new Windows Vista XP system, especially among the business community.
A survey conducted by Information Week at the beginning of this year that 30 percent of companies do not intend to purchase a Windows Vista because of the high price and operating requirements that are not compatible with old computers
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