The World Federation JURIS Alvuorov Vice-President Russian Academy of Sciences, Nobel laureate would be building a factory to produce solar batteries in Russia.
Alvuorov participate in a conference on the future of Lebanon in the technology industry, micro-electronics held in Vladifestuk, but did not specify the exact date of the operation and size of the new factory, saying that "national scientific innovations and modern materials are in the level of global rivals also have the financial resources to operate the plant in the evolving technology Country and the establishment of a special government IT Lebanon. "
He added that the men Alvuorov Albisnes expressed interest in this project also, as he said, "We can produce solar photovoltaic systems rather than for the domestic market but for export as well."
He Alvuorov his belief that "the energy industry in the twentieth century atheist in the world to exploit solar energy as a source of warmth and secondary electricity using solar batteries changing properties
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