Can the world expect to be the new generation of computers is different than it is now in terms of shape, size and flexibility so that medical and even placed in the pocket. He said Raul Albroovosor Fregal from Queens University that future computer folds a piece of paper and placed in the pocket and responds to touch the direct and even to change the shape of what it can store more information more. And added Fregal .....

"What are we talking about here is a revolution in the computer industry and the interaction between them and humans."

He continued: "We want smaller computers operate more efficiently and to be flexible forms."

It is noteworthy that the Pocket PCs are lightweight Pocket PC weight and small size and long battery life, and not this kind of personal digital assistance usually plates keys, but show the keyboard on the screen.

Most Pocket PCs currently available operating system of "pain" Palm operating system or "Bukit ABC 2002" Pocket PC 2002.

Examples of such devices a "Zair 21" efficient Palm Zire 21hand held, and a "Nokia 9210" Nokia 9210, and a Compaq Apac Compac IPAQ.

Some of these devices equipped with Windows operating system and Windows operating system called the CIA "ce" It is very Programmes such as Applied Award and Excel and Internet browser
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