The Government's mandate in eastern India to encourage people to eat rats in an effort to combat high food prices and the provision of grain stockpiles.
It urged the authorities in Bihar one of the poorest states of India rich and poor alike to shift to eating rats in an attempt to reduce dependence on rice. They also intend to rats within the dishes restaurants.

Vijay Prakash said a official from the Ministry of Reuters welfare state "would eat rats goals .. save grain that is devoured by rats At the same time increase our stockpile of grain."

Officials say that about 50 percent of stocks of food grains in India devoured by rodents in fields and warehouses.

He said Gaëtan Minister Ram mangoes and welfare of Hindu castes and tribes in Bihar that the flesh of rats healthy alternative to rice and other grains expensive and everybody should eat.

Manji told Reuters after just eat rats, "We are very serious in implementing this project since the food crisis to worsen day after day."

In Bihar eat the flesh of rats originally referred group they belong to the lower strata of the Hindu alongside the poor in society
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