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    Can the world expect to be the new generation of computers is different than it is now in terms of shape, size and flexibility so that medical and even placed in the pocket. He said Raul Albroovosor Fregal from Queens University that future computer folds a piece of paper and placed in the pocket and responds to touch the direct and even to change the shape of what it can store more information more. And added Fregal .....

    "What are we talking about here is a revolution in the computer industry and the interaction between them and humans."

    He continued: "We want smaller computers operate more efficiently and to be flexible forms."

    It is noteworthy that the Pocket PCs are lightweight Pocket PC weight and small size and long battery life, and not this kind of personal digital assistance usually plates keys, but show the keyboard on the screen.

    Most Pocket PCs currently available operating system of "pain" Palm operating system or "Bukit ABC 2002" Pocket PC 2002.

    Examples of such devices a "Zair 21" efficient Palm Zire 21hand held, and a "Nokia 9210" Nokia 9210, and a Compaq Apac Compac IPAQ.

    Some of these devices equipped with Windows operating system and Windows operating system called the CIA "ce" It is very Programmes such as Applied Award and Excel and Internet browser
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    The Government's mandate in eastern India to encourage people to eat rats in an effort to combat high food prices and the provision of grain stockpiles.
    It urged the authorities in Bihar one of the poorest states of India rich and poor alike to shift to eating rats in an attempt to reduce dependence on rice. They also intend to rats within the dishes restaurants.

    Vijay Prakash said a official from the Ministry of Reuters welfare state "would eat rats goals .. save grain that is devoured by rats At the same time increase our stockpile of grain."

    Officials say that about 50 percent of stocks of food grains in India devoured by rodents in fields and warehouses.

    He said Gaëtan Minister Ram mangoes and welfare of Hindu castes and tribes in Bihar that the flesh of rats healthy alternative to rice and other grains expensive and everybody should eat.

    Manji told Reuters after just eat rats, "We are very serious in implementing this project since the food crisis to worsen day after day."

    In Bihar eat the flesh of rats originally referred group they belong to the lower strata of the Hindu alongside the poor in society
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    A company Sony unveils the latest products from small portable computers that were fired by the name "Taiwan LJ25L" which was recently in the Japanese market.

    The computer comes in distinct and different design was his determination to form the framework of the image with the keyboard at half the size of the keyboard usual.

    And enjoys the screen LCD 15.4 inches, Intel processor bilateral Corps, in addition to 2 GB of memory Ram, 200 GB hard drive in the memory, and a Web camera and internal headphones
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    Motorola is a phone talk "MOTO W755" is the latest announced by the company and is characterized by thin design and digital camera 1.3 mega pixels with 4x digital unnecessary enables the user to capture images and video recording a high degree of clarity.

    The phone has a scale of the main internal screen 1.9 inches, also supports the possibilities for immediate talks IM and the presence of the evolving media player Windows Media Player 11 add support Bluetooth stereo audio system.

    The telephone extension external memory up to 4 GB, using segments of microSD digital safe
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    The World Federation JURIS Alvuorov Vice-President Russian Academy of Sciences, Nobel laureate would be building a factory to produce solar batteries in Russia.
    Alvuorov participate in a conference on the future of Lebanon in the technology industry, micro-electronics held in Vladifestuk, but did not specify the exact date of the operation and size of the new factory, saying that "national scientific innovations and modern materials are in the level of global rivals also have the financial resources to operate the plant in the evolving technology Country and the establishment of a special government IT Lebanon. "
    He added that the men Alvuorov Albisnes expressed interest in this project also, as he said, "We can produce solar photovoltaic systems rather than for the domestic market but for export as well."
    He Alvuorov his belief that "the energy industry in the twentieth century atheist in the world to exploit solar energy as a source of warmth and secondary electricity using solar batteries changing properties
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    More celebrated march, which extends for more than three decades in the world of innovative techniques and advanced firing device "Asbaiar Win" Aspire One, the first portable device evolution of the Internet giant global company.
    She said that the device easier "Asbaiar Win" is a concept unprecedented in an industry where communication is designed to provide users experience a true portable wireless Internet access via a connected wherever they are. Perhaps the most significant advantages of the Internet that they gave us a free hand and allowed us to move and travel around the world without borders or restrictions of time or place, and allowed us to social interactions wherever and whenever we wanted. She said she developed an easier "Asbaiar Win" for some specific purpose which enrich the experience of its customers across the smooth and simple solutions allow them access to the Internet wherever and whenever they want, and allow them access to all online social networks easily absolute.
    The advantage of a "Asbaiar Win" that provides access to the Internet at the moment thanks to the Alto operating system Linpus ™ Linux ® Lite, where the operation and closed it within the shortest possible period of time. With the adoption of the operating system Linux, the merit system "Asbaiar Win" smooth and intuitive software loomed simplified. For example, the e-mail program that has been developed exclusively to the organs "Asbaiar Win" transparently and simply run up to six email accounts separately in one window, while providing the "Messenger" communication with the most famous e-mail accounts in the world. The experts say that Internet organ "Asbaiar Win" gives an unprecedented dimension to the mobile Internet experience will not employ a guard who does not dispensed on the Internet during the transition and movement.
    The easier question raised by the pre-start development of the "Win Asbaiar" What is actually needed by customers to take advantage of modern communications technology and advanced Internet technology. The advantage of a "Asbaiar Win" elegant design, small size, which does not exceed the size of its dimensions regular personal note, with less and weighed about one kilogram of weight and provides a lightweight and portable designs experience real skinny
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    The Microsoft Corporation to develop a copy of the operating system and Windows XP for compatibility with other portable computers with limited specifications produced by the "Computer Laptop per Child" non-profitability.
    She pointed out that the Microsoft Foundation portable computer for every child already received the amended version of Windows XP even begin to use computers and put acting accordingly in by September next.
    The Microsoft Company has started since the period in the work efficiency of tests to measure the ability of those computers are limited possibilities to operate Windows XP.
    The Microsoft announced late October last year to make progress in the process of amending the Windows operating system so that it could work on portable computers designed cheap price for poor children in the world.
    The company decided to extend the sale of Microsoft operating system, Windows XP own after its resolution to stop selling and reluctance of buyers to replace the system and the new Windows Vista XP system, especially among the business community.
    A survey conducted by Information Week at the beginning of this year that 30 percent of companies do not intend to purchase a Windows Vista because of the high price and operating requirements that are not compatible with old computers
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    A Japanese company Toshiba for the electronics industry unveils the latest products from cameras, digital video, which called "Watch Camilio 10."
    The camera is backing the new technology very clear picture of new known as the "Watch. De", and can be connected with television, which supports technology "Watch. Di" Crystal Clear across the outlet "Watch. De. Or. Any" Images of multimedia super clarity.
    The news agency Deutsche Presse that the ability to approach or visual dimension to the camera about 5 AX, with no more weight than 340 kilograms, and can buy a camera "Camilio Watch 10" new versus $ 40.
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    Samsung revealed the company unveiled a new mobile phone he was "Samsung Messager SCH-R450", supplier panel keys Qwerty interested persons to send messages via mobile device.
    The new camera phone has an internal 1.3 Mijapeixl, with the possibility of sending messages of various kinds such as SMS, MMS and email communication programs across the immediate conversation, in addition to feature voice recognition.
    It contains the new Bluetooth feature with the possibility of adding a memory card with up to 2 GB 2.1-inch screen and the operator in real-time, the new phone will be available from Samsung in black
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    Media reports have shown that rates of sale devices operate games of the type produced by Wei Nintiendo of the electronics industry in Japan last month increased about twice the rate achieved by the organs of PlayStation 3.

    The Nintiendo reports that the company sold more than 110 thousand organ within four weeks ended on the twenty-eighth of last month in Japan, compared with the sales volume achieved by the Sony company during this period, which more than 47 thousand a kind of PlayStation 3.

    Rates were selling organs Wei between April and September two years has exceeded four times the rate achieved by the organs of PlayStation 3.

    It is noteworthy that sales in Japan of Wei during last August was estimated at about three times the volume of sales of PlayStation 3, having reached last July four times, six times in June 2007
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    Games Dutch designer says making a film based on a video game in which you make that movie at home is only a means of fun while the United States says that Islamist extremists used a tool to recruit supporters.

    Appearing in the movie, a length of 11 minutes a man wearing Arab and sensible people carrying automatic weapons while fighting the American invaders and was presented to a commission of the U.S. Congress this month as evidence of a campaign by extremists to recruit young Muslims through the Internet.

    He said Samir It is designed games Dutch 25-year-old said in an interview, "It was simply a means for fun and not a political act and has nothing to do with recruiting or training."

    Samir asked not to disclose the full name is a Muslim born and grew up in the Netherlands and loves movies and rap music of America.

    The short one of his video games are popular and called "Patelfeld 2" and usually shows where American soldiers are fighting forces of Chinese or Middle Eastern.

    And Samir borrowed part of the audio recording of the film cynically called "Working America .. police the world." Containing the words "Once he came infidels spent on them has declared jihad against them on this day."

    He also added a part of a recorded statement of American President George Bush made a few days after the attacks of September 11, 2001, describing the war on terrorism as a "crusade". The many Muslims resented strongly from that description and considered it a call for a war on Islam.

    Having informed the members of the congressional committee when he introduced the film to them on the fourth of May that the sites for extremists on the Internet designed to attract young people to take up arms against the United States aired.

    He said Eric Michael of the company, Science Applications International paid by the Ministry of Defence seven million U.S. dollars till 1500 site monitors for extremists on the Internet "You can see how games are designed to affect you psychologically would pay to go and kill coalition soldiers."

    It will Samir, a young distinguished work in the hospital this summer has been right in his December forum on the Internet for the amateur game "Patelfeld 2," asking his opinion of participants in productivity and said he was shocked when he learned that he presented to the Committee of Congress.

    He said "the bodies to do more research before it concludes on the results. Film is not as images in the show."

    Samir now reluctant to take a trip planned long ago to New York for fear of being subjected to interrogation, where it was feared that American intelligence agencies began monitored.

    He pointed out that the American army used a game of video games called "America's Army" to recruit volunteers in its ranks.

    He explained Professor Robert Thompson Syracuse University popular culture that information materials produced in the United States including the video games is in itself a rich source material that could be used to broadcast messages in favour of the United States or against them.

    He said: "There are many articles that can be used and interpreted
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    In Japan, where the number of elderly is increasing, there is a trend to look for ways to keep these elderly mental activity. Electronic games designers have responded to this challenge designing electronic products aimed at maintaining mental activity for the elderly.

    He says scientists who have developed these games it would help to delay the start of "senility" in the elderly.

    Having sold millions of these games in Japan and would be delivered in European markets this month.

    Played in the autumn years

    In one classroom teacher based in Tokyo to clarify how to use the game Nintiendo, no one in the front row under the age of forty, most of whom are much older.

    The teacher to show students how to use the game that examines the athletic abilities of her employer.

    Teacher encourages his students for a few minutes and then gradually start playing and they smile.

    This game is mental exercise also used a special program to hone the brain and exercise movement of the fingers.

    He says this teacher who entered the field at a later age to learn the game is not difficult, and confirms that the game is able to exercise the brain and fingers.

    This particular game developed by scientists claim that could delay the start of the phase of "senility" in the elderly.

    In this game specifically asked the player to conduct computational speeds, but there are many models from the game in the Japanese market.

    After the game of mathematics to give students with enthusiasm for the game of golf is based on coordination between the movement of hands and eyes.

    Prevention of dementia

    It is believed Dr Takao Suzuki expert care of the elderly that Japan's elderly is very busy.

    Whatever the chances of success of this program in his weak, it wants to exclude? Suzuki put the question to say that scientific reports that support the validity of the allegations designers Games are limited, but the community in Japan and Britain dominated by the elderly, and thus the interest is understandable.

    The idea of this double game, elderly access to entertainment while maintain mental activity.

    The scientists do not reservations to such games although no proof of its effectiveness with the aim is the prevention of dementia, because they say they do not cause any damage, but the elderly learn new skills and remain active on the joints
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    Research study showed the Japanese Ministry of Health, the number of Japanese children in preschool study who have electronic games during the regular double in 2007.

    The study pointed out that 51 per cent of these children engage in electronic games regularly during the current year compared with the ratio reached 28 per cent last year.

    The study mentioned that children who watch television for long hours tend to exercise video games for long periods as well


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    If you suffer from the many annoying ads that appear suddenly while you are browsing the Internet, you can use the programme "Maxthon" to stop these ads final

    The programme includes many of the possibilities and advantages, in addition to his suspension annoying ads, pop-ups, it gives you privacy, thanks to the advantage of drag and drop.

    This is in addition to support for Arabic language, size does not exceed 4.27 MB, which is compatible with all Windows systems
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    Show of love for children is necessary and important to encourage children and instill self-confidence, therefore, give you expert tips from the book 2002 to show how your love for your child
      Be your child's greatest (encouraging, impressed, coach, teacher, champion).
    -- Indispensable (squeeze) for your child's songs (songs) stems from a sense of sincere heart.
    -- Your child is enjoying a scientific yes God, and thanked his knowledge.
    -- Encourages your child and up to send money or gifts to needy families without codifying name it, this would encourage them to do good and help others, and training to be done sincerely to God.
    -- Scientific your child not to judge people or objects since the first time, this would inform him of scrutiny and lack of urgency in the choice or judgement and that he Tan.
    -- Make sweets chilled and address together.
    -- Grant the child a second chance always.
    -- And sacrificed for your child may learn it, this would be encouraged to learn from you as well, and be obsessed with learning.
    -- Your child should have respected scientific larger than older people (not us who have not realized big and small have mercy).
    -- PLAY with your child without cost.
    -- Read and tell him stories for instilling values and principles therein.
    -- Of promises always with him, that would be ratified knows talk and meet the promises.
    -- If you're angry your child is severely talk or deal with him before he calmed down and controlled by the guerrillas.
    -- Buy some delightful gifts for your child during holidays
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    Charges the company "Philips" Dutch TV marketing a new device (42 inches) allows watching movies in three-dimensional
    For several years, was watching movies in three-dimensional possible only thanks to the development of special glasses. But a "Philips" television, called the "F VX," do not need any of these glasses that the effect of watching this version is by private vehicle inside the camera screen TV "Philips" new.
    At present, is heading a world cinema and casino, supermarkets and entertainment parks and recreation in Russia and the United States to embrace technology Philips.
    Television sold to new families, in the next three years, at a price of 1500 euros. So far, does not spread this kind of screens in homes because the content available three-dimensional format are still few in number. There are few movie theaters are able to offer special three-dimensional movies, around the world. However, the convergence of these lounges resounding success in the U.S. which makes Hollywood is preparing to offer forty when three-dimensional format, next year
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    The shoes are usually higher-Heel headache Ras lot of the ladies either Palace or the length of Heel and its suitability to walk on different types of land
    In addition to the many problems and injuries caused by the feet, in order to address that problem Insomniac researchers have succeeded in designing a new model of shoes Breeches-developed technology, which is equipped with spare magnetic joints and prolong the internal allow Heel normal shoes and a length of 1.5 inches along the amount of additional length reaches 3.5 l Inches, as well as the rest of the shoes are modified or tailored as required.
    This will help to overcome the many problems that take sex soft in many embarrassing situations, particularly in public places. Commenting responsible for the design of this model hope to be displayed in an exhibition Robukub Ladies in 2010
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    Have you tried before to know how strong your voice Ocean? To what extent are encircling waves of Aldesepelat even be able to adapt
    Whether or not I thought, there is no need now to become obliged to be present in crowded places of noise and clamor, after it was revealed a new record users can determine the strength of votes in any environment, whether sound high or low.
    This is a multi-organ advantages, as it is characterized by its ability to measure the extent of super-strength sound Pacific whether high class or low class, intermittent or persistent. Can also use this device to measure noise levels within factories, schools and employment offices, airports, is also used to check the sound inside the studios and lecture halls and home theater equipment.
    One of the most important potential that is characterized by the index also contains a large plain reading takes measurements from 50 to 126 Disepel rapidly anywhere but prefers to be measurements in places open to be more precise, it is also equipped with battery rectangular nine-volt power enough When shipped to operate long period of time, what makes the tool light, easy to carry anywhere.
    It is noteworthy that noise is one manifestation of environmental pollution might cause narrowing of small blood vessels leading to a rise in blood pressure lasting and severe risk in other cases. These symptoms are accompanied by pain in the head and increase Palpitation heart. The research shows a close link between exposure to noise and long-healthy dangerous phenomena such as dizziness and low balance of rights and injury headache, insomnia, general weakness and fatigue at least make an effort

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    The Japanese company Sony on the development of hybrid battery, which is considered one of the most advanced batteries in the world last world
    Battery capable of producing energy either depending on the methanol (methyl alcohol, also called wood alcohol prepared for the possibility of destructive distillation of wood or burning wood and droplets in isolation from the air) or by Alletyawm cells.
    The occasion of an exhibition (Small Fuel Cells 2008), which will be mounted City "Atlanta" campaign offered "Sonny" giant model of the battery quality which is estimated at 50x30 mm, will be allocated to feed mobile phones
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    Azaan company Bntaks curtain on the latest digital cameras W60 resistance to water, which are lightweight weight and quality of presentation 10 Mijapeixl and telephoto lenses 5x.
    The distinctive design of the camera imaging distance until 13 forward under water and two hours in a continuous temperature up to below zero, commensurate with this model in photography and imaging normal flights.

    It is expected to have a camera on the market in blue and silver sea, beginning in July 2008 at a price of about 329.95 U.S. dollars
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    Put on the market uniquely British shoes for children saves the trouble of parents searching for new shoes for their children and then, because it grows The bigger the child
    The spread of shoes full measure of the Century when the child grows and everything on parents to do is concentrate well and pressing the button at the side of shoe and foot inside the extension.

    He said one of the distributors of new shoes: The shoes three sizes and spread half of what it could mean expanded three times to commensurate with the child, parents will be forced to go to the supermarket shoes every few months to change shoes for their children.

    The shoe fits the Century thousands of children who suffer from the problem of the existence of the other more
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